Ensemble Stars Music-Ensemble Stars Music v1.16.4166 MOD APK (Always Perfect, Auto Play)

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Ensemble Stars Music


Ensemble Stars Music is a new name that was launched not too long ago but has attracted thousands of players worldwide. If you have been an avid fan of Audition and have a strong passion for music, you cannot ignore this game. You will be transported to a world where there are only vibrant rhythms along with skillful dance moves and explore the lives of famous idols in Japan.


Ensemble Stars Music takes players to a fictional future city and has the opportunity to become a famous producer there. You work for a leading entertainment company, Ensemble Square, and everything will revolve around managing and building images for singers and groups in a methodical way. It all started when a group of students had just graduated from the prestigious art school Yumenosaki Academy and wanted to join your company.

As a manager, your task is to build a group with many talented young idols and help them become A-listed superstars. You will live and work with idols under one roof. Convenient in training. Besides, you can also discover many stories and learn more about them through dialogues or short films. Most importantly, you have to plan specifically for each person from performances, attending events, photoshoots, and fan meetings.


The gameplay of Ensemble Stars Music is no different from Audition, and you need to press the round keys that appear on the screen at the right time to complete the character’s performance. You mustn’t miss any keys, or the character will miss a beat and cause the performance to crash. By pressing the key, you will also win a certain number of points, and if the score is higher, you will receive many attractive rewards after finishing each screen.

In each performance in the later stages, you can press a key and a combination of keys at the same time to score points. You will be evaluated on a scale from C to S, and the higher the score, the better the chance to pass the level. It requires players to have good observation and be skilled to be able to conquer challenges easily.


The game is built in a musical style that allows the players to get the highest level of entertainment experience.The main gameplay that the game brings will be to control the characters participating in the fun through the buttons.The game has been carefully divided into different levels of play, from simple to expert, with many different stages.An engaging storyline is created so that players can start their musical wars through the opening introduction.The game’s graphics are designed in the style of music artists with many beautiful bright colors created.