Farm Paradise - Family Journey-Farm Paradise - Family Journey v2.32 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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Farm Paradise - Family Journey


Farm Island brings players the experience of living on the island and maintaining a life with what they collect. You will see an energy bar that helps you perform various gathering activities, and it can be replenished when consuming food. In addition, new buildings constantly appear with different effects and can be upgraded over time.


Players will accompany a family living on an unspoiled island with fairly simple items in Farm Island. You will help them live each day and collect the necessary items to accomplish this goal. At the same time, you will be able to control each character to perform actions and interact with the surrounding elements, and of course, they will drop the necessary things in this game that you cannot ignore.

The perspective of this game is similar to other farm games, and with a comprehensive perspective, surely players can easily see what is going on. In addition, the collected items will drop to help the player see them before it is put into your inventory. Indeed, players will be able to find many interesting things when experiencing life on a deserted island with many mysterious things that are always hidden in the game.


The first job that players need to do in Farm Island is to collect an important element in the game, and these elements have completely diverse uses. These elements can be ingredients to help you cook, create new items, and restore your energy. At the same time, you need to touch a specific target, the character will automatically move closer to it, and with just a few seconds, the player will surely see the product he has collected.

The activities in this game are diverse and can consume the player’s energy, so adding energy is a necessary thing. The energy bar appears on the left side of the screen, and you will need to use it as accurately as possible. In addition, some fruits in nature can help you restore energy, and of course, their quantity is limited. You will need to find a way to keep replenishing your energy and find important items on your own.

Besides collecting materials in the wild, players can also create their dishes and items from available or grown materials. At the same time, you will need to build yourself a building to take care of the cooking and creating items. You can place these buildings in any position you want, and when you click on them, a manufacturable product wheel appears. You drag what you want in to let the process happen.


When you experience Farm Island, you will see what level you have, and this is a factor that affects what you can reach. Each activity in the game brings a certain amount of experience to help you unlock new elements and significant buildings. At the same time, players will be able to upgrade existing buildings as new products also need to be unlocked with the corresponding building levels.

This upgrade will sometimes cause difficulties for players when it requires many different materials. Each material has different properties, such as being collected from nature or created manually. So, over time, buildings with a high level of complexity will appear and require the player to spend time managing them. You will certainly have interesting experiences when you see life on the island constantly changing.

Players will not be able to take their eyes off the exciting life on the deserted island:

Players will accompany a family living on a deserted island and the environmental factors that provide the necessary materials around them.The required materials can be collected and stored in the player’s pocket, and this operation requires a certain amount of energy to complete.Many ways to replenish energy are collecting fruits or constructing a building where you can cook delicious dishes from available ingredients.The number of buildings in this game is completely diverse and is unlocked when the character’s level reaches a specific limit.Upgrading buildings is possible, unlocking impressive new products, but it requires consuming many items.